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Gondola Shelving in Santa Clara California

Premium Brand

PLG Southbay understands the capabilities and distinctions that come with premium brand Gondola. Lozier and Madix are the current premier brands available. The Gondola shelving produced by these brands are extremely durable and have proven themselves over many decades.

Clients interested in acquiring a top-tier product should look no further than these two brands.  PLG Southbay can work with you to help match product availability with your specific application.

Discount  Brand

There are no less than a half dozen or so other Gondola brands currently available on the secondary market including many imported “knock-off” brands. Many of these discount brands offer solid quality and reasonable pricing.  In today’s challenging economic climate, business owners large and small are looking for ways to save precious operating capital. PLG Southbay understands this and we are knowledgeable regarding the many of these discount brands.


Consider PLG Southbay as your one-stop-shop for Gondola Specials. Our relationship with major retailers, other Liquidators and large construction and property management companies gives us a direct pipeline to used product availability.

From a small local grocery store up to multi- store re-set, PLG Southbay can assist you in your Gondola needs.  Contact us today to find out more about our current Gondola Specials.